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For 30 years Whiteshire Hamroc has been combining innovative genetic improvement techniques with stockmanship evaluation skills to produce elite swine breeding stock.

All boars and purebred gilts are individually tested for growth rate and carcass characteristics. This uncompromising evaluation is one of the many steps we take to identify truly superior individuals to use in genetic improvement. In addition to testing, we also analyze records and select for economic factors including longevity, sow parity, culling rate, mortality loss, farrowing rate, and breed back interval.

Evaluation of physical traits is incorporated into our selection process. We evaluate for a variety of traits including vulva size and set; underline quality; youth and maturity pattern; and skeletal correctness of feed, legs, pelvis and spine. Experience reveals that skeletal correctness is foremost in allowing genetic improvement to be expressed.

In addition to our purebred herds of Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc, we also produce Yorkshire-Landrace parent stock gilts and hybrid terminal boars. Utilizing our maternal and terminal lines in a breeding program allows you to maximize heterosis. Heterosis is an increase in the performance of crossbreds over that of purebreds. This can be accomplished by either purchasing our purebred genetics to produce your own hybrid parent stock, or buying hybrid females and/or boars from us. Either way, you benefit from heterosis through significant improvements in rate of gain, feed efficiency, fertility, survivability, and other key factors.

Download our catalog and study the documentation on the boars and females listed. They represent genetic combinations that work.

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