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Waldo-Whiteshire is a cooperative marketing venture between Waldo Farms of DeWitt, Nebraska and Whiteshire Hamroc. This venture produces Duroc, Hamroc (Hampshire-Duroc), and White Duroc terminal boars and semen. Waldo-Whiteshire Duroc and Duroc derived sires fit readily into a variety of today’s pork production systems.

The Waldo-Whiteshire Duroc boar is an excellent choice for production systems emphasizing high growth, increased uniformity, and exceptional pork quality. For markets demanding a leaner carcass, our Hamroc and White Duroc lines meet the need. These specific lines inject fast growth and more muscle while minimizing backfat. Large, deep-loin eyes are prevalent.

You produce pork to excel in your specific market. Waldo-Whiteshire offers terminal sire lines to create your ideal marketable product.

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