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AirWorks® Building System

AirWorks® is an innovative and patented building and ventilation system. It has been developed through 15 plus years of research and testing. AirWorks® allows your livestock to express more of their genetic potential. Fresh air is directed downward through the floor, thus enhancing air quality in animal comfort zone. Consequently, AirWorks® has consistently demonstrated a 50% decrease in swine death loss! A marked improvement in feed efficiency, substantially increased weaned litter weights, overall healthier pigs, and noticeably decreased energy needs are added benefits.

The AirWorks® ventilation and building system is applicable to both new construction and renovations. AirWorks® is in use domestically, as well as internationally! It employs 100% pit ventilation and incorporates multiple inlets within a single duct.

AirWorks® is environmentally friendly. It has reduced energy usage compared to traditional ventilation. Energy savings have been realized through innovations in tempering incoming air via high-volume heat exchanging system. This aspect enables more tempered air to be moved through the building during cold outside temperatures resulting in better air quality. Conversely, the heat exchanging system actually works in reverse in warmer temperatures, with a cooling effect on the incoming fresh air.

AirWorks® not only lowers energy needs but reduces odor. Less odor is obviously better for you. What do you think it does for your pigs? Use AirWorks® in any stage of production from breeding through finishing. Fresh air works!!

AirWorks® makes your investment work for you!

For More Information:

Call Charlie Lemmon at 800-825-2929 ext. 110
Download an AirWorks® Brochure


What Makes AirWorks® WORK:

Continous fresh air (Airflow cycle)
Better health & growth resulting in greater profits
Superb operator comfort & health

100 % Pit ventilation (No stale pit air) Better worker & animal health
Greater building longevity and low maintenance
Less odor build up and emission
Better and more uniform performance

Air ducts & distribution (No "Dead Air" spaces)
Reduction in odors and odor emissions
Better and more uniform performance

Maximim use of air (Down on pigs instead of over the top)
Efficient use of air
Lower utility cost

One integrated computer controlled system
Low temperature variation
Excellent adaptability to extremes
Simple, low maintenance
Easy to manage

Maximum use of ventilation equipment
Efficient use of energy & lower utility cost
Better delivery & cooling effect

Heat Exchanger (Cost effective tempering of air)
Captures and reuses energy from the building
Lowers utility costs
Higher volumes of air at minimum ventilation resulting in better air quality and performance
Odor technology adaptability

Total concrete containment (Covered by the building)
Safe & secure waste handling
Environmentally conscious
Office: 4728N 200W

Albion, Indiana 46701

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