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“The time has passed for other production systems and their old technology. AirWorks’ 21st century technology provides the best environments for your pigs and their caretakers. Better environments, better production and more profit.”Dr. John Baker
Whiteshire Hamroc Consulting Veterinarian
Designed to create a healthful barn environment for pigs, AirWorks’ patented Vertical Ventilation design creates a consistent environment ideal for healthy pig growth, far superior to outdated tunnel barn designs.

Poor ventilation can be a major factor in underperforming swine herds, negatively impacting herd health, slowing swine metabolism and sapping profits. When pigs can’t breathe, pigs don’t eat.

Temperatures are consistently and evenly maintained for each pig in each room and pen of the building.  Pigs that are always in their “comfort zones” equal better health, production and much better survivability to market.



How it Works

AirWorks draws in fresh air through a ventilation chamber above, which then flows downward over the pigs, pushing fresh air down to the pigs’ breathing zones, and pulling dust, bacteria, gasses and viruses through the floor and into the pit.

By providing consistent fresh air throughout the barn, negative environmental pressures are reduced, creating a healthier, more comfortable atmosphere for pigs and barn workers.

Energy-efficient AirWorks barns are comparable to traditional barns in construction costs, yet generate significant energy savings year after year.


About Us

AirWorks is a division of Whiteshire Hamroc, a global swine genetics company dedicated to helping clients around the world grow healthy, robust animals and profitable swine operations.












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