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A.I. Information

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Just Genes

The Whiteshire Hamroc A.I. maternal and terminal boars are elite, proven, and unique sires. These boars allow fellow pork producers to access sires of tomorrow's sow herd. Whiteshire Hamroc is dedicated to 100% performance testing. We lead the nation for total collective recordings of Duroc, Landrace, and Yorkshires as recognized by the National Swine Registry (NSR). Our program is focused on commercial progress through selecting better pure genes. Genetic evaluation technologies in place at Whiteshire Hamroc include STAGES, Herdsman, and "Real-time scanning". These tools allow us to identify and document superior maternal and terminal lines of breeding stock.

Stringent health control and biosecurity procedures are a high priority for us as well as our customers. Whiteshire Hamroc operates primary and secondary SPF herds and outside animals have not been introduced since 1985. By utilizing A.I., our customers also maintain high health standards and a closed herd.

Whiteshire Hamroc boars are versatile, durable, and predictable. Utilize Whiteshire Hamroc boars for great grandparent programs. Maternal sires, Yorkshire and Landrace, are selected for more than just maternal traits but also fertility, longevity, and consistency. Terminal lines include purebred Duroc and Hamp x Duroc "Hamroc" boars.

Whiteshire Hamroc pure Duroc lines excel in growth, feed efficiency, and pork quality. The Hamroc boars are developed out of stress free lines and are recognized for growth, cutability and uniformity of their progeny. Whiteshire Hamroc Semen allows everyone to access the boars that are also the foundation of our herd and the sires of the sows of the future.

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