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About Whiteshire Hamroc

The pork industry is rapidly changing and so are the needs of pork producers, both domestically and internationally. Whiteshire Hamroc has identified the need to become consumer oriented, as demonstrated by our quality pork products. We have implemented innovative and proven genetic technologies to assist you in producing high quality and predictable pork. Since our beginning over three decades ago, we have been committed to creating customer success through value enhanced agriculture products and services.

Three major areas significantly influence your profitability: herd health, genetics, and environment. Whiteshire Hamroc has devoted extensive time, money, and people resources in pursuit of progress in these critical areas.

Herd Health

Stringent health control and bio-security is a high priority for us, as well as for our customers.
• We operate primary and secondary SPF herds.
• Outside animals have not been introduced since 1985.
• We have an on-staff Veterinarian with over 25 years of experience in the swine industry.
• All purebred nucleus farms in our system have tested negative for PRRS..
• All semen brought in to our farms has been tested negative for PRRS.


Whiteshire Hamroc uses a combination of proven technologies (Herdsman, STAGES, and "Real-time" scanning) with phenotypic selection to continually improve our genetics and build more productive, profitable seedstock.
• Whiteshire Hamroc employs a fulltime Applied Geneticist to specify matings.
• We set economic priorities and utilize Napole and Stress-gene negative documented pure gene pools.


While production facilities vary, the need for quality air space is constant.
• AIRWORKS is our innovative patented building and ventilation system.
• Over fifteen years of researching and testing went into the creation of AIRWORKS.
• In AIRWORKS buildings, field trials reveal improved weaned litter weights, feed efficiency, and days to 250 lbs.
• Other benefits include decreased death loss and reduced energy needs (LP and electrical usage).

Our Mission

Whiteshire Hamroc is dedicated to producing products that work for people. Our mission statement is:

Create customer success through valued agriculture products and services while building lasting worth and providing a satisfying quality of life for our employees and families.

We work for YOU!


Office: 4728N 200W

Albion, Indiana 46701

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