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Whiteshire Hamroc is proud to have been farming in northeast Indiana for more than 100 years. Building on that heritage of innovation, our farming operation has grown to include:

  • Sustainable crops – We manage approximately 3,000 acres of row crops each year, the grain from which is fed to our pigs, which then produce nutrient-rich manure that is injected into the soil as a natural plant food to replace fertility and micro-nutrients used by last year’s crops;
  • Swine Genetics – Built upon generations of swine breeding expertise and industry-leading purebred lines, we produce world-class swine genetics and provide genetic improvement and production management services for customers in the U.S. and Asia through our alliance partnership in PureTek Genetics;
  • Construction – Design and build advanced AirWorks™ swine barns that not only provide a more healthful environment for growing pigs, but generate significant energy savings for farmers;
  • Medicine – At our farm, we raise a special group of pigs according to an exacting scientific protocol for use in human medicine and research;
  •  Retail Pork – We make and market our own line of top-quality retail pork cuts for families to enjoy at home; and
  • Community Involvement – Whiteshire Hamroc is proud to employ local workers and support local causes, adding to the stability and quality of life in our rural communities.

Our Commitment

Our Philosophy

At Whiteshire Hamroc, we feel blessed with the opportunity to farm as a family, to care for animals and to harvest the land. It is our responsibility to live and work in accordance to our values and our faith while producing wholesome pork to feed families.

Our Mission

To create value and maintain positive relationships which lead to success for our customers and enhance quality of life for our communities and employees.

Our Vision

Making thoughtful, sustainable use of the Lord’s blessings through service to our customers, employees and community, and caring concern for the well-being of the animals and natural resources entrusted to us.

Our Pledge

Whiteshire Hamroc pledges to farm responsibly, to care for animals and the land; and to enhance our local communities by providing employment opportunities and supporting positive community endeavors.

Our Commitment to Ethical Care for Animals

Whiteshire Hamroc Leadership

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